Created by: Harlemvetz Ent LLC. 2018

Who we are


We are in a battle within our communities to advocate for education and safety awareness. We up- lift our women because it takes a village to raise our children, and with our women being uplifted, the future (our children) will have a better chance surviving the stressors of today.

THE WOEM are advocates for the uplifting of women of all hues in our community. We annually support the walk for Cancer, and HIV/AIDS Awareness. We have done many charity events which feed the homeless and provided clothing for people in need. In addition, it is our mission to help women and children living in shelters. We are against the maltreatment of women, including rape, verbal, physical and mental abuse.


Our goal is to elevate the minds of our communities mentally and physically, through live music and entertainment, in hopes of doing more as we build our orga- nization, Bob Marley had a theory once upon a time, that music can heal the body and spirits of the people. Elijah Harmon intends to continue that mindset just a step further, through Entertainment and Fashion with the helps of womens input.

Health awareness, body fitness, health insurance, outreach programs, and free HIV testing, are just a few ways we plan to utilize community services. We will also, provide a platform for upcoming designers and singers, to show case their talents in front of an array of audiences. These events will have a mixture of fashion, entertainers, women owners/vendors, women motivational speakers, and women celebrities.


Elijah Harmon always has two Quotes:

·  (Mind over matter; if it matters to you then mind it, if it does not matter to you then do not mind it because time is of the essence.​​

·  (Love yourself before you can love others and others will learn how to love you.)

In our communities we are in battle to keep our communities aware and safe, the main important task are to uplift the women because it truly does take a village to raise our children and with our women being uplifted the future will have a better chance to survive. With your help we will have a great chance to succeed through our entertainment and marketing and branding our positive messages​



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