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True power comes from within!

Welcome To: The WOEM Women of Empowerment 

Elijah Harmon created the WOEM in dedication to his mother. On his birthday, which is May 11th he decided to give his mother a gift in honor of her giving birth to him and making it possible for him to be here on this very day. He felt it necessary to give a gift every year for the sacrifices that his mother and other women had to make while laying down on a hospital bed to give birth. The strength of a women and the decision of a mother is something no child can ever repay.

Elijah has always acknowledged a woman to be one of the most important creations on earth as well as one of the most valuable assets to this world that we live in today. Without a mother, wife, sister, aunt or grandmother, the world would be lost! We need to grow and educate our women by embracing and showing support to our women as much as possible, by supporting selective activist groups to better provide services with awareness and uplifting a nation at a time then the world in due time. The WOEM organzation is 7years old now.

THE WOEM & Harlemvetz Entertainment &

Management LLC, has the intentions to uplift the women in our communities we support the walk for the cancer society and HIV/AIDS awareness. We also feed the homeless and provide clothing for different Churches and shelters; we are truly against the Pain of a woman such as rape, verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, etc. and our goal is to uplift the minds of our communities mentally and physically through live Music Entertainment. Elijah Harmon always has two Quotes:

  • ·  (Mind over matter; if it matters to you then mind it, if it does not matter to you then do not mind it because time is of the essence.

  • ·  (Love yourself before you can love others and others will learn how to love you.)

    The WOEM & Harlemvetz Entertainment & Management LLC, purpose is to provide Entertainment with a positive message towards our inner city communities, by a massive outreach to organization; from health awareness, body fitness, health insurance, celebrities, outreach programs’, free (HIV Testing), guest speakers, fashion designers/fashion shows, we will be giving upcoming designers and music artist an opportunity to show case there talent and in front of an audience that would appreciate their skills/talent. 

    In our communities we are in battle to keep our communities aware and safe, the main important task are to uplift the women because it truly does take a village to raise our children and with our women being uplifted the future will have a better chance to survive. With your help we will have a great chance to succeed through our entertainment and marketing and branding our positive messages.

    We are passionate, we love entertainment, we care for our communities around the world, and we support women of all kinds. 

    We truly look forward to having you all to be a apart of the WOEM As, Mr. Harmon always says there is better strength in numbers then a one man’s army, so we ask of you to join this positive movement by investing/Donating within us and supporting our causes. 

    We thank you for your time in advance please feel free to Register with us For Free! 

    Donations are  $25.00

Thank you for your support!

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